\\ˌfest\ noun combining form (-s)
Etymology: German fest festival, holiday, from Middle High German vest, from Latin festum, from neuter of festus solemn, festal — more at feast
1. : festive gathering especially for competition




2. : session often informal or spontaneous


: outburst of activity


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a combining form occurring in compound words that have the general sense "an assembly of people engaged in a common activity"; the first element of the compound usually specifies the activity: gabfest; lovefest; slugfest; songfest.
[ < G Fest festival, holiday (see FEAST), as in Sängerfest choral festival]

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-fest UK [fest] US suffix informal
used with some nouns to describe an occasion when people do a lot of a particular activity

What started as a serious meeting became nothing more than a talkfest.

Thesaurus: suffixeshyponym

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combining form. meeting, occasion, contest, or game, characterized by _____, as in songfest, slugfest, talkfest.
[< German Fest]

* * *

comb. form in nouns denoting a festival or large gathering of a specified kind

gabfest | slugfest

from German Fest ‘festival’

* * *

-fest [fest] [fest] combining form
(in nouns) a festival or large meeting involving a particular activity or with a particular atmosphere

a jazzfest

a talkfest

(= a session involving long discussions)

(usually disapproving)

a lovefest

(= an event in which people show too much affection for each other that may not be genuine)
Word Origin:
[-fest] from German Fest ‘festival’.

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